Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Year In Review

I haven't tried this before - let's see how it goes.

January saw me helping to rescue a Bull Terrier running loose , ranting on about Wetiko and Corporate culture quite a lot, and starting across a bridge in the Night. That last one was a spot-on dream.

In February, traditionally a month I take at least a week's leave from work, I (re)discovered the wonderous plantain, had an unsportingly easy prod at Jacob Zuma, used the road-exchange method to get rid of an old stove (and started cooking on gas again) and established a real communion with the living world. I also declared myself food.

In March, I seemed to have spent a lot of time dreaming, and feeling intense joy. The winding down of the autumnal equinox was evidently very kind to me, this year.

April saw the fairly shocking murder of Eugene Terreblanche , and into May I was, in Samhain style, sorting out the Ancestors I really wanted to connect with truly. Then my friend and colleague Don died, and I found myself putting my Shamanic skills to the real test.

Just before Yule I was cast adrift in Time, wandering the streets of my youth and getting some serious Vipassana in, a practice which has served me well all year.

I started July with intense devotional nights to my matron and was visited by my boy Chippy in the dreamtime. That was bittersweet, all right.

August found me being asked to intercede in a tricky neighbourhood situation, with surprising results!

I claimed Henry Okah as a true son of Africa in the traditional terrorist month of September and in November was invaded by the lovely Scimitar Bills - and a high-flying spider.

I made good decision this month to retire from Facebook and Twitter - a decision I haven't come to regret at all, and I haven't actually deleted my accounts, just mothballed them. Who knows what madness will overtake me in the future, after all?

The country is ending the year on several mixed notes. The one I picked up on was the chicken horror story,  as I though it perfectly encapsulated the Wetiko mindset of the civilised corporate world.

So, with a vivid hypnagogic lesson to round off what has been a pretty dreamy year, we come to the end of 2010. Not much soccer in my worldview, I'm afraid.

And, as with most humans, I'm suddenly prey to a great hoarding and stocking-up instinct, as if the line between this year and the next is some great chasm we will have to leap. So I've got in supplies of food and household necessities for the coming siege - wondering a bit at my own motives - and I'm prepared to batten down the hatches on Friday night, and sit up playing Bach for my canine companions while the neighbourhood erupts in a dionysian frenzy.
See you all on the other side!

Pic: The Wheel of Time by Kelly Art