Monday, 20 December 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

As if the Frozen Chicken Horror was not enough - what with consumers only now waking up to the fact that unsold frozen chicken is routinely sent back to the producers, washed in chlorine, injected with saline solution and resold under a new sell-by date - as if this was not enough, especially at this traditional chicken-eating time of the year in this traditional chicken-eating country, some industry goofball has just had the gall to announce to the public that "..if they want to eat frozen they can buy frozen, and if they want to eat fresh they can buy fresh..".

I don't fall into the demographic of frozen chicken eaters for one reason only - I can afford not to. By all the gods, just what kind of an attitude is this, to solemnly pronounce let them eat cake like some latter day Marie Antoinette?

In other news, the retrograde mercury has really started to bite down ( do you think we should give the Industry Representative a bit of a pass because of it?....Nah), and is joined tomorrow morning by something I didn't think happened: a void of course full moon. According to the ephemeris, the moon goes void in Gemini (yes, my least favourite sign!) just 4 minutes before it hits full - which is slap in the middle of a lunar eclipse. Not, thank Hecate for very small mercies, visible from here.

Void of course Full Gemini Moon in eclipse while Mercury is retrograde you say: do you think I could have a day off work tomorrow?

Pic: Marie Antoinette en famille. D'you suppose she ate frozen chicken?