Monday, 30 September 2013


I might be returning to this blog - more later.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

'Bye Bye Blogger

'Bye Bye Blogger.
You have become too hostile even for me.

My blog has moved to Aquila ka Hecate, here.
Update: Ooops, seems I spoke too soon.
Bloody WordPress has suspended my blog, for violating their T & C.

I have contacted them, but I'm seriously wondering if I want to use such a glitchy service now.

Friday, 14 June 2013

The Deep Mid- Winter

A colleague at my (new! 3 months only!) place of work mentioned this week that there were only 12 weeks until Spring.

Being the new girl in the district, I hesitated to make a 'thing' of it - although I was tempted.

You see, it's one of my triggers : how we mark the seasons of the year. It irritates me that many people can't see how beautifully simple it is.

We have 52 weeks in a solar year, with 4 seasons. That's 13 weeks per season

When each season starts appears to vary from person to person. Here in the southern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is celebrated on or around June 21st. Now here comes the nub of the whole "season" matter:

If you call this day "MidWinter", you have just fixed a point around which you will have to configure all the other seasons.

I have no idea what's so hard to understand about "mid" and "Winter" coming together in one word. It's the mid-point of Winter, right? So in another 6 and a half weeks it will be the end of Winter, right? That's around the first week in August, and I get to call it Imbolc.

Unfortunately for me, most Seffricans believe that Spring starts either at the beginning of September, or else on the Vernal Equinox, around 21st September.

But how can that be? Unless you are counting Winter as starting either at the beginning of June or at the Solstice...which we've agreed to keep calling Mid-Winter, OK?

"Mid" does not mean "start". It means the bloody middle, people.

So, figuring from this fairly rock solid premise (and assuming 4 seasons of roughly equal length, unlike the Celts, who really only had Summer and Winter), the Vernal Equinox would be the middle of Spring, the Summer Solstice the middle of Summer (or MidSummer!) and the Autumnal Equinox on around March 21st would be the mid-point of Autumn.

That leaves 4 points as ending/starting days for each of the seasons. And as luck would have it, many Pagans already celebrate on these days - Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnassad and Samhain. The start of each season.

So pardon me while I revere the very depth of Winter - when the apparent Sun reaches its lowest point in the heavens as seen from Earth - as MidWinter. That's in just one week from today.

And Imbolc, the start of Spring, a scant 6.5 weeks later, in the first week of August.

Makes frighteningly proper sense to me.

More sense-making goodiness here.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Coming Into Focus

Well, I've successfully de-Googled and de-Twittered myself.
I hope.

My blog and much of my online identity was heavily snarled up with Google, so it took a little time to sort out, but it's done now.

I'm retaining this blog and all of 2 friends on Facebook - my son and my partner. All other "friends", all pages, all groups - unlinked.

The thing is not so much the hysterical shouting about the NSA and how the governments of the world are spying on us - much of that is true, but it's the risk you take being online - it's more that I really need to get back to a place where the real world is primary, and my attention is not so much in danger of fragmenting into a thousand billion ineffective pieces.

So now, while I wait for the stodgy network at work to process my code, or sit in traffic, I'll be engaging with the world on the ground, so to speak.And getting back some of that awesome power to really concentrate on remembering who I am, as well as making sense of the superficially nonsensical.

So I haven't gone away. I'm actually stood on the real Earth again, looking around me in, initially, slight bewilderment.

Observing incarnation coming into focus once more.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


It must have been sometime in Summer. The year-end exams were over and the light was deep and warm on the corner of Jan Smuts and Empire Road.

The Nuclear Physics Research Institute stood behind you two, as I brought the canary yellow Yamaha 400 Enduro to a halt by the pavement on which you were walking.

I don't remember, now, where I was coming from or wither I was bound, that afternoon in 1979. Yet there we met up, the three of us, for what was probably one of the last times in any of our lives.

The little, rounded, snub-nosed blond woman feigned terror of me as she hid behind the lanky, bushy-bearded Physics student she was out walking with.I must have laughed as I removed my yellow helmet - you both always managed to coax a lot of mirth from me.

I forget now what we were talking of. The sun, the Nuclear Physics Institute, the bike, the two of you: it was a Nexus in time and in space, burned into my immortal memory for all the spirals of duration.

Shortly, we went our separate ways. Me, to pursue a life of horrendous dissipation which would eventually end in my death, dismemberment and reforming. You two to - where?

The Nexus stands like a frozen wave now in my mind, reminding me of how the dance draws us together, pulls us apart, spins us off into Eternity with just the sharp-limned memory of a boiling place in time as testament to the meeting and parting of 3 different paths.