Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Unto the Dying Moon

I'm calling upon my Ancestors near and far; Ancestors of the DNA and also those of the Spirit.
Genii Loci, life of the Land - you too, to me, to me.

As this Moon wanes into Taurus and its still-death point, I'm connecting with my Gods and Spirit Animals as well.
For as a Shaman I now have the privilege - and the pain, oh what about the pain? - of gathering my connections to communicate with the personal connections of one who has recently passed, apparently in agony and surprise, these last few days.

As a Shaman working in Africa I bring my Ancestors and some of their Ways which edge on the alien to the Ancestors of the young man who has died. Yet, with a strong rootedness in the Land itself, I believe that I may make a little more of this Soul guidance than the inevitable 'Get your lawyers to call my lawyers' into which this sort of far-cross-cultural exchange often devolves.

And besides, there is the Soul itself - lately a young man, full of life, happy to have finally paid off his lobola and looking forward to claiming his bride. His quick intellect which caused us to exchange books and thoughts on Atheism, and more recently on Shamanism and inner work -these are the traits I rely upon to draw this startled Spirit to my Voice.

It's going to take a while - three days, maybe more, and in this time I will be protected from falling myself by my guides and family and deities.
I cannot not do this work. For my friend, my colleague, dead so suddenly. Tell me now, Don Chila : do you remember, yet, how We formed the Universe?
How We sang the stars into Being and hung our evolution on the interstellar gases? How the Gods and We together created, formed, made and unmade, as we called this plane of Life from out the formless depths? Do you remember? For of a surety, you were there, too.

Come, let Us re-free your Self once more, to heal and roam amongst your loved ones for a little, before You make the decision to stay, or to return unto Earth again

Image: Kamali, the Death Walker by Jennifer Rude.