Sunday, 9 May 2010

Visible Signs of Sickness

In this video we see the US Police stormtroop their way into someone's house, intentionally shoot and kill one of the owner's dogs, 'accidentally' shoot and injure another dog, terrorise the wife and child, and generally behave like a herd of fucking morons. The home owner was charged with possession of a handful of marijuana.

It happened to be Columbia, Missouri - but it could have been Johannesburg, or your home town.
For police the world over have morphed into something Hitler's SS would have been proud of - yes, they have.
I know - I know - that these, and all police around the world, are just regular joes like you and me, with lives and families, loves and fears, and hopes for the future. Yet they behave like a civilised machine - a Wetiko machine - gone beserk and turning upon the populace they once were sworn to protect.
We see it in armies around the world, too.

If this is upholding law and order, count me an anarchist. Oh hel, count me an Anarchist anyway. The 'defenders of the peace' are showing their true colours at last - as enforcers for the minority elite, the power-hungry and the psychopaths who would rule us.

If you are still a human being in touch with your body, your landbase and your sanity, I would consider hanging out the flag of resistance. The black-and-green, or just black, flag of noncompliance with the cannibalistic culture we have become.