Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Todd and Susy

Some (increasingly rare) down time at work this afternoon, and I found myself listening to Todd Rundgren's 1972 album Something/Anything while reading about how Supersymmetry is on the ropes and looking groggy.

I didn't know that Something/Anything made the list of 500 most influential albums of all time. But it's not such a stretch. From the infectious ditty I Saw The Light to Hello It's Me and the (apparently) highly influential Couldn't I Just Tell You, it's an album I first bought in 1972 or '73, when I was 12 or 13, and which I'm enjoying again today - not without the almost obligatory time travel, though.

So, I'm temporarily 12 years old, and reading about how the Large Hadron Collider has just about dissed the idea of Supersymmetry (affectionately known as SUSY) being responsible for all that Dark Matter. In fact, the idea of Dark Matter is in question, too. Pretty radical.

Then I come across this paper, which postulates the idea that good old homo sap. is in fact getting stupider.

Couldn't I Just tell You. I've been remarking on it for the last 10 years, godsdammit.

Back to Todd, and the slipping away of more than 40 years' worth of Time.

Oh, and don't forget the transformative power of the solar eclipse in Scorpio tonight!

Pic: Todd Rundgren, musing on Susy.

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