Saturday, 10 November 2012

My Roots Are A Network

I've looked at Chiron before on this blog. Then, as now, the looking was personal. I doubt if there's any other way to take this little, recently discovered yet powerful astrological marker.

For Chiron, wherever it falls in our Natal Chart, points out the nature of our early wounds: and that's ego-level personal.

So I'm going to talk about myself again, mostly. Hel, this is my blog.

I have a Fourth House Chiron - indicating an insecure childhood. Wasn't it just, though?
Not that my parents were neglectful nurturers. They both did everything in their power, I believe, to bring up their children with love and positive affirmations.

But they both had wandering souls. If it had been just the two of them, I guess they would've tramped around the world their entire lives. As it was, my brother and I got dragged off to live in various countries every few years.

We got to see how the world outside of family lived, and I'm grateful for that. But rootedness was, and to some degree still is, pretty alien to my nature by dint of this constant restlessness.

Add to that the sign of my Natal Chiron is Aquarius ( and the Sign overrides the House in most cases) and, as I've mentioned, conjunct my Natal Moon, and you have one unconventionally insecure little girl in the making.

Who became one unconventionally insecure adult.I have always stood out, in other words, both within and without, and have been fairly uncomfortable with it.

But nothing is all bad news. In fact, the bad news is the good news, when viewed from a sufficiently zoomed-out perspective.

I took as my own the name of the Eagle over a quarter of a century ago. Today I work closely with another bird. Zoomed out is what I'm all about. And despite my love for the local landbase - the reciprocated love I treasure - I know deep within that all the world is indeed my home. My roots are a network, touching ground across the globe. I am at home anywhere and everywhere. Despite my slowly decreasing distrust of most human people, the geography and the non-human life feels comfortable to me all over the world.

This unconventional insecurity has blessed my life in a number of ways.
I have less difficulty than most making non-obvious connections, and I see the bigger picture more often and sooner than most around me. Indra's Net is not just a metaphor to me - I feel it everywhere, all the time.

I can see the outlines and the detail of a program before I even start coding it - something I was not aware was all that unusual.So it makes me a good programmer.I can say Fuck The Police loud and clear, and still have empathy for the benighted souls whose lot it is to be one.So it makes me a good Anarchist.

My partner has a Fifth House Chiron, indicating early restrictions on his soul. And it is in Pisces, pointing to a deep ability to heal, which I can recognise but which he seems reluctant to acknowledge.

All this is a pearl of great price.

But the pain inherent in realising it? Priceless, also.

Pic: Original oil painting Chiron in Aquarius, Kiss The Sky Studio

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