Thursday, 15 November 2012

Scent Of Apples

Coming back into the bedroom this morning after my shower, my senses were hit by an overpowering scent of apples. Since my partner had not yet gotten out of bed, and since my soap certainly has no apple-smell component, and since the doors and windows were still firmly shut, I was at a loss as to where it was coming from...

...Corvus Albus flew over my head, wide and high, cawing loudly as he disappeared into the blue. My ally never makes a sound unless he wants to confirm something, so, OK, I'm doing something right...

...The web page opens up, and at the top of the page is an advert for a Programmer Analyst. Not in the Casino industry, thank the gods. I send them my CV..

..Yesterday, tired of the soul-deep dissonance of working in a corrupt and corruptible industry; tired of working under an insanely shallow tin-pot dictator of a manager; tired of how the lovely company I joined 11 years ago has degenerated into a corporate zombie - I tendered my notice of intent to resign.

No, I haven't got another position lined up as yet. And it doesn't worry me. I'm not even a little bit apprehensive. When I made this decision, I knew it for the right one by the sense of enormous peace which washed me. Then the affirming signs started appearing.

It is said - by folks who have been on the path longer then I - that the Universe approves of Big Steps, of hurling yourself over the cliff, going into freefall, and not knowing or particularly caring where or when you might touch down. I can say that right now, I feel the Cosmos looking out of my eyes: looking out at me, at you, at this sham of corporatist existence many around me are struggling within. And those who are not struggling are dead before they were ever alive.

Peaceful and fully alive, I await whatever my next steps will take me to with wonder, awe and ...great joy.


Pic: Found at this blog!


  1. You're so fortunate to be able to.
    May the river of life take you somewhere nice.
    peace and love

  2. The net will appear -- exciting change!