Monday, 19 November 2012

The Moving Image Of Eternity

"Time", said Plato "Is the moving image of eternity".

This was repeated by my brother-double-Scorpio, Terrence McKenna, many..err...times. Although I have a hunch he attributed it to Philo Judeaus. Or was that "The more perfect Logos will be beheld"? Never mind, both are relevant.

I've been idly thinking about UFOs and crop circles for the past couple of heat-laden, drowsy-oppressive days. So it should really have been no surprise to me when this morning at about 8:30 a little Pied Wagtail called to me.
I say it should have been no surprise both because of what had happened before he called, and what happened immediately after he called.

An hour earlier, I had looked up to the bloody cell phone mast which looms over the balcony like a threat of technology and seen two beautiful Pied Crows perched together at its very tip. Some balancing act - but they dropped off, after a reasonable period of time for polite conversation, and soared off eastward together, graceful as a Crow, I suppose.

When little Loud Voice called to me, he made sure to choose a perch almost out of sight - on the roof partially hidden by the metal grating which offers shelter from neither rain nor sun - so that I had to move and crane my neck, looking skyward to sight him.

So that was when I saw the UFO.* Higher than the birds fly, lower than the cumulus clouds, it was perfectly round and white, with a definite centre to it.

It moved quite fast and disappeared within a few seconds.

The sign - alchemical, astrological and now astronomical - for Sol.

But also:

Or Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur.

Nothing, Limitless,Endless Light.

So this is how we come to the concept of eternity.

The limitless produced from nothing, creating the endless light.

You cannot see eternity from inside time. Time is the moving one. Space is necessary for time to exist, and therefore the central point is it - eternity. Not the limitless light, the nothing-point.

To make eternity visible, all that was necessary was to have some of the endless light coalesce and fall from the limitless towards the nothing. Wham. Motion. Space. Time.

If it moves, it is not eternal. It must be part of the image of the eternal.

* It was probably, seen from another level, a weather balloon or something of that sort.