Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Totally Mundane Post

I can't help thinking that if Wishbone Ash had had a slightly better lyricist, their 1976 album Front Page News would have been truly a classic.

As it is, it's a remarkable piece of consistently soaring guitar work, which I treasure.
So much so, that I recently re-purchased it. I first bought this album in 1978. Loved it then, love it a little more now.

What is it with me and re-buying music from my late teens? I seem to have been doing a lot of that over the last moon or so. The Doobie brothers, Chicago (pre Terry Kath's unfortunate death), David Bowie's early stuff, the Eagles, Supertramp...

Maybe I am starting that life review which ends in our leaving this dimension. Maybe I'm growing backwards. It's a lot of fun, however, and, divested of all its original emotional baggage, some of this music is really worth visiting again.