Tuesday, 17 July 2012

All. Is.

Knowing Who you are can lead to questions in the public sphere.
Surely, Thou Art God, but - and this is a question we all should ask - what is God like?

Well, like authentic you and me. But more than this, God is not a wanton destroyer of lives.
A Destroyer, yes - in its time and place all things are dust - but not a wanton one.
Creation balances destruction, perfectly.

God does not play power games with other lives. God has infinite divine power and has no need of vampiric life-sucking. And, in fact, their are no other lives, when you think of it.

God knows from experience all that is in each being - for God is each Being. And each Being is God.Pain standing in for pleasure is not God's vector. Pain stands for pain, and pleasure for pleasure.And,each having its purpose, the lines can be blurry, but a straight 180 degree transformation is the black-and-white which God cannot see.For it does not exist.

God is All, and in All, expressing the consciousness of the Universe, reflexively back upon itSelf.
God is in the Field of Love, and God Is the Field of Love.
God is often masquerading as not-God, but that in itself is hilarious. How could anyThing be not-God?
All. Is.

And that's all any of us needs to know. For now.

Pic:The Galactic Free Press