Monday, 30 April 2012

Shakti Dance

For a little under two years now I have marked the signs and symptoms of the stirring of the Serpent within me.

Now, a short time before the conjunction of Samhain and the annual Rites of Hecate's Sacred Fires on 5th May, I have had the experience of kundalini rising. That is, the experience of the start of the physical/astral process.
I'm still a bit too raw to comment on it in any depth, but I'll just say here that the recent 3-day process involved very unusual letting of blood and an intense period of about half an hour when I was unsure exactly what was happening to me.

So - Winter's certainly moving in for the kill, here in Joburg, but the grass is still unusually green and the temperatures, after falling to quite chilly lows, have moved back into the mid-20s, giving us all one last backward glance at a Summer which may remain characterised in many peoples' minds as one of protest and civil anger.

The stalling of the eToll process due to that anger - and the people of South Africa uncharacteristically getting together to do something about it - has allowed a little hope for our country to creep into my mind. I have never seen Seffricans stand together against the Approaching Evil of runaway, kid-in-a-candy-store, grasping materialist government as I have over the last few months. All of us - well, a good 90% of us - from every walk of life stood firm, refused to give in and finally we have seen the venal tolling process halted - temporarily it's true - through a direct court order. Well done, all of Us.

It seems to me that awakenings are occurring faster and faster among humans, and I wonder somewhat glibly if this has anything to do with Terence McKenna's Time Wave theory. Or is it, perhaps, the expression of humanity's own Shakti Dance?

And now my mind returns to the Bliss of Being once more. My lungs expanding and drawing breath in a sustained, increased manner, my body falling spontaneously into subtly different postures while my hands move almost of themselves into mudras I didn't know that I knew.

But of course this is nothing really new - rather it is the clarification of the recalling process I took up as my Work a few years ago, and which has progressed sometimes haltingly, sometimes swiftly.

The Work of this Deity, which amidst the rising serpent and the shortening days is just this:
Remembering Who I Am.