Wednesday, 10 November 2010


If you were granted, not three wishes, but an unlimited number of wishes, what would you do?
Would you start out by wishing for great wealth, great health, great happiness? A long and fruitful life? Would you have..oh, I don't know..a new Porsche for every day of the week (and yes, Adrian Gore, I'm looking at you)? A recreation of Kubla Khan's Xanadu? Versailles?
An unlimited supply of friends and lovers? A deathless body, a genius mind?
Peace on Earth?

And then, when you had all of that, what if you were told you had hardly cracked the ice on the top of the bottomless barrel of wishes?
Wouldn't you feel at a loss?

Realise that this is precisely what you have gifted yourself with. For the universe is created, in its awesome entirety, by You yourSelf. From the beginning, and also from moment to moment. What then, is all this breathless pursuit of material construct about? You have it All - you have always had it All. And it exists as perfectly within you as without: in fact the only difference between the inside and the outside is the perspective from which you view them.

With Love and gratitude to one of Our finest - Terence McKenna.