Thursday, 11 November 2010

I Breath Starshine

Last night, just before falling asleep, I experienced one of those hypnagogic states which often teach me far more than I can learn trawling through books and the internet.

I saw a vast expanse of plants of all sizes and species - rolling over low hills, forming bushveld and forest, plain and meadow. The tawny back of a large cat could just be glimpsed through the plants at one point. The plant life was so thick that it created the landscape. I breathed the starshine of those cellulose beings.

And I was made to know that this is what the plants do. They bind the earth, and bind the Earth, forming the geography of our planet.

I was then made aware that, just as animals are life forms which can move freely in space, so are plants those life forms which move in time. The seed of a plant is the result of a plant moving backward in time.

A cool wind swept over my almost-sleeping body, then, and I saw my patron deities displayed as beings made of plants: Hecate a maiden all of wild grasses, bundles of cereal stalks in her hands, Anubis a maize-eared being sheathed in flowers.

We animals, I noted, rely upon the plants to drive our mobility in space; plants rely upon animals to facilitate their propagatory movements through time. It dovetails. So much beauty in this cosmos that I am swept away in wonder and with awe.