Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Consciousness Goddess

Lo, and I saw, from within the forest's shade, the plains of Africa displayed. And a ragged band of chimp-like hominids following a herd of wild ungulates at a distance, watching for the infirm, the very young, the very old, to lag behind the pack where they could be picked off for supper.

The females and younger males of the chimp-like band were also foraging for food - the berries, nuts and herbs which the Mother gave so bountifully. And also for the mycotic species of plants which could be found growing often within the dung of the plains herds.
The fungus which when ingested improves visual acuity and also opens the doors and windows of consciousness in anthropoids, the mushroom which may have promoted and indeed formed the imagination in early humankind: the psilocybin mushroom.

And those wild ungulate herds themselves! Before we tamed them and made them into cattle, could these have been the basis of our worldwide early veneration of the cow? Mother goddess in bovine form, progenitor of the sacred plant. Soma, manna, eluesinian mystery source - dropped from Her hind quarters as a benison!

...and today I read that right here, right now, we still arrest the people  for growing the sacred medicine. How unutterably sad.

Image: from 'Shroomery