Sunday, 31 October 2010


For years after my Shamanic dismemberment, I suffered deeply frightening dreams of Big Cats: cats trying to harm my son, and I being unable to protect him, and cats directly threatening me myself.

The aura of menace these powerful creatures stalked within was enough to wake me, screaming, in the middle of the night.
And then, I claimed them.
Specifically, I claimed the Black Panther, as my shadow totem.

The ferocity of Black Panther, the deeply emotional nature of this powerhouse of a cat, are qualities deeply involved in all my most buried - and usually most harmful - attributes and practices. Claiming them, owning them, has begun to bring these characteristics to the consciousness, becoming acknowledged within the totality of who I really am, and have always been, since before Time exploded.

This weekend I have taken time out to deliberately invoke Black Panther into my daylight, or top-consciousness. She has been called forth from around the area of the third chakra where she normally resides and encouraged to show herself. Right now, anything emanating from or transferring into Me is having to pass through Black Panther. And I'm learning much.