Tuesday, 14 September 2010

It Is Your Job

It has been my great honour to receive two of the best teachings in the  last two days.

Firstly, Thorn wrote on Facebook yesterday, (and she has promised to do a follow up post), that Self Awareness is the antidote to Self Consciousness, and I took that teaching with me through my day on Monday.It's just one of those superb truths which can be visualised as a slogan on the canvas of your closed eyelids. And it fits.

Being aware of Self, in fact, immediately banishes culturally based self consciousness. This is obvious, if you stop and think about it - something I don't always do too well.

The next teaching -today's - came from a more unexpected source, guru Andrew Cohen :

It is so important to come to that point in our own spiritual evolution where we are finally ready and willing to be wholeheartedly accountable for ourselves—for who we are and how we are. Heroically, we must be ready to accept unconditional responsibility for the seen and unseen consequences of everything that has ever happened to us. 

Unconditional responsibility? For everything? Well, yes. It follows you see. If you are in fact God - and I have no doubt of that one central fact - then you are indeed your brother's keeper.

And it is your job-all of it.