Thursday, 16 September 2010

In A Nutshell

Many, many South African politicians in a nutshell.

Basically, the story runs:

Julius Malema, the grossly overweight, grossly undereducated and grossly badly informed president of the ANC Youth League, visited a school in Limpopo province almost 2 years ago. Upon seeing the unshod nature of the students there, he made a promise to buy 100 pairs of shoes - which promise was later inflated to 200 pairs - but so far, despite the school calling the man, no shoes have emerged from his promissory note.

In steps Bob Skinstad - not a favourite of mine, as he's an ex-Boks Rugby captain - who hears about this and promptly gets leather shoes delivered to all the pupils at the school.

Shame on Julius Malema? Not a bit of it. This is what his essence is, all promises and no results, driven by a huge greed for power, wealth and the trappings of chiefdom.

Shame on his supporters? Closer.

And in other news :

Two people arrested for possessing khat. You know, the leaves of that bush, Catha Edulis ,which grows in my garden? That bush which is a protected species in this country - which means I may not remove it from my garden. Neither may I possess its leaves, apparently.
Make up your minds.