Thursday, 9 September 2010

A Beautiful Death and A Diamond Partnership

"It is easy, and you are doing this beautifully and willingly and consciously, in full awareness, in full awareness, darling, you are going towards the light."

That was Laura Huxley helping her husband Aldous across the threshold,as outlined in her letter to his older brother,Julian.

It would be lovely to go like Aldous Huxley did - but I'm thinking I'm not going to have the benefit of LSD when my own time comes. Some of us had better get practicing - I reckon I can make a good transition, given a few decades more of learning.

Not that I'm going to have a Laura to help me over the line, either. In the last 11 years I've become so much my own person that I would have a hard time recognising the dependent, mucked-up woman I used to be if I didn't know exactly where I came from.

Take a look at my natal chart:

And now see Warren's:

Yes, my partner of the last 11 years is seven and a half years my junior, and moreover our suns and moons are all squared to each other.

This is usually a bad sign for a relationship. But the all-corners nature of the combined charts can equally be viewed as a diamond: rock hard and strong as the Earth.

It helps that our houses are identical( we both have Scorpio rising) and that our natal Venuses are both in the eleventh House.

But it's the diamond nature of this fully-squared union which makes us a formidable force to be reckoned with when we stand together against anything. I feel almost sorry for anyone coming up against this particular partnership.