Tuesday, 16 March 2010

More Pastry - For Shame, For Shame

I've only just heard about the disgraceful assault on Lierre Keith at an Anarchist Book Fair, and quite frankly, I'm shocked cold.

I have supported the acts of the Black Bloc in the past - but I'm now willing to change my mind.

I have supported the acts of courage of the Vegan Anarchists in the past, but I'm now distinctly on the edge of changing my mind.

I have supported the Animal Liberation Front in the past, but now I'm thinking twice about lending them any credence whatsoever.

It's great that people can come to such a sensitivity for non-human life that they find themselves unable to eat that life to stay alive themselves. But for fuck's sake, people, develop your souls a little further, can't you?

If we all felt for the agony of the animals we kill and eat, there'd be an improvement in the world, that's for sure - but then what? Can we start to feel the pain on the spinach as it is ripped from the earth and sliced up, alive, to be digested by a human? Raw, for gods' sakes.
Will we balk at the slaughter of millions of microbial life forms every day - every hour, every second - as we continue on with our lives?

How have these people arrested their spiritual growth so that they no longer recognise that we are incarnate upon the Earth, and that this implies a continued cycle of destruction, death, creation and birth?

For this is the pact we have entered into as meat animals: that we kill to survive, and in turn are food ourselves. It's a beautiful, deadly, grisly and awesome ballet we perform.

And yet some folks have twisted their understanding so far that they are willing to physically assault someone with the guts to explain an alternative (and, to me, highly realistic and Earth-loving) view. It is sick, and so symptomatic of the culture we're embedded in at this turn of the spiral Time.

And one last thing, radical Vegans - if I ever need to rethink my position on Veganism, I will do so by holding your actions uppermost in my mind. Go back to square one, and start again.