Monday, 15 March 2010

Penguins and Pastry

(Not, alas, Penguins in pastry)

The Piscean New Moon is probably not the ideal time to install Linux on one's computer, what with the incomplete grasp one seems to have on anything at this time of year. So this is what I did on Saturday - installed the Suse distro on my home desktop.

Thank the gods I'm dual-booting. Suse doesn't support my printer, or, apparently, my sound card. I'll have to follow some dodgy download links to get a printer driver, then possibly reinstall my sound card. I'm taking it very, very slowly (after an eruptive hairy fit I threw at first - possibly from being in the IT industry for over 25 years myself, I can see very clearly when folks are just being arrogant airheads)and am depending on the old Windows habit for some stuff.

But it's going to be worth it, to kick the Microsoft dependency. As an addict, I fully appreciate the debilitations of drug addiction in any form. And that includes television, and culture.

My hissy fit propelled me into the kitchen where I took the opportunity to bake after decades without an oven.

Shepherd's Pie I made, and had a very messy stove to clean up afterwards.
Cornish Pasties I baked, for the first time, and luxuriated in the feel of rubbing butter into flour as I hadn't done since I was much younger, helping Mom make shortcrust pastry.

And that night before I fell asleep - after warding the house and reactivating the guardian egregores - I felt my arms go around the world, and the world's go around me