Monday, 1 February 2010

Field Wager

Stephen Hawking has bet fellow Seffrican Neil Turok that we will observe the signature of gravitational waves among the Cosmic Background Radiation sometime 'soon'.

University of Delaware physicist Qaisir Shafi is not so sure, and his reasons revolve around the potential field of the inflationary model. Hawking reckons the gravitational waves will show a slowly-decreasing field, while Shafi believes that the field may more closely resemble that associated with the Higgs Boson of legendary elusiveness.
The reason I'm siding with Turok however, has little to do with abstruse cosmology, and much more to do with the fact that Hawking has historically been on the wrong side of almost every bet he has ever made.

And the dance of Lila continues unabated, to the accompaniment of gentle laughter offstage.