Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Preparing a First Harvest

I've been doing heavy work around the homestead these first two days of my 2-week leave from work: moving and cleaning out the fridge and kitchen cupboards, cutting grass with shears from around the plants (oh gods, the heavy rains caused a strangling growth around the roses), lopping the fallen Pearl Acacia into pieces which the Pikitup compost maker in Bryanston can manage, removing the heavy shade cloth from overhead my outdoor ritual space.

I need to use up the stored energy hanging out in my aura and etheric body before I can get down to some serious meditation and shamanic journeying - and I'm almost done. The weather has changed to hot and sunny, and I've sweated gallons. Not to mention my aching muscles.If I don't mention them, they may go away.

This afternoon I'll do a little more, readjusting the shade cloth which is presently keeping the rambling rose from falling through the other half of the lapa, some more cutting up of branches, and then a dash to the shops for items I still need for the observance of Lughnasadh - the first in a series of three harvest thanksgivings in the Pagan wheel of the year.

This Sabbat is also known to me as Fire from Heaven, a counterpoint to the Northern hemisphere's Fire Down Below,(And Happy Imbolc, friends in the North!), which I'm celebrating on Thursday.

What crop have I tended and grown this year? In silence is the seed of wisdom gained, and so it shall be with me in two days' time.