Monday, 1 February 2010

Then and Now

Blue snowflakes mark the houses.

This is the place I left 36 years ago. The place of my most intense childhood.
Arthur Road, Wokingham, Berkshire:

..and this is where I live now. Notice how my house is the smallest and also the one with the most shadows? That's from all the trees. In fact, there's a tree taller than the house on the right there.It's a Cycad.

I see the Bloubosrand image was captured in May, which is winter - at Samhain, in fact.We've all but lost the grass by then of course.

I still spend a good deal of dreamtime in Arthur Road. I went there just two nights ago, in fact.

But the cells of my body love this African land where I now live.
And the most amazing fact is that the land is loving me back. Yes, it's a thing you can feel. When the land speaks, it's good to be in a position to hear it.