Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Giving the Earth a Future

Keith Farnish has an excellent post up.

He hasn't yet got 100 Ways To Undermine The Industrial Machine, but he's working on it. You could give him a hand and suggest some more. Personally, I'd like to add: Guerrilla Gardening.

Make some seed bombs.

My personal favourites on Farnish's list:

· Switch off televisions in public areas, pubs / bars and shop windows. Remote control devices are available for this.


· Make up stickers, saying things like “Product of Industrial Agriculture”, “Energy Waster” or “Made in Sweatshops” and stick them on relevant items in supermarkets and large shops.

and this one had me in stitches:

· If shopping mall, supermarket etc. car parks are locked up overnight, add your own padlocks and chains. Do the same for shopfronts / roller blinds if they are already locked.

But, even if you're unable to do any of the other things on the list, there is one which we can all practise, and should. It's just this:

" Only use words like “consumer”, “civilized”, “progress” and “development” in negative terms, with the appropriate inflection..."

Remember, it's not particularly out of personal preference that we know that this Civ has to go. It's a matter of the survival of all Life. The only Evil I acknowledge is that which is counter to Life - and Industrial Civilization embodies all of that Evil.

Pic found over at Thomas Paine's Corner