Friday, 30 October 2009

A Word On Halloween


That's the word I would choose to describe Halloween as celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere at the beginning of the Summer season.

I have a string of paper pumpkins hanging above my desk, at work. And a ream of fake cobweb resembling snot with a plastic spider caught in it. Skeletons (also plastic) leer at me from the Support section of the office, and my own department has its very own 'pumpkin' to carve - which is, in fact, a large warty green-skinned Hubbard Squash, painted yellow.

I'm trying very hard not to rest my head on my desk in despair.
What are the Human Resources Department thinking when they reckon it's a good idea to celebrate Halloween at this time of year?
Try explaining the origins of Halloween and see those lights fail to go on. Try presenting the idea of 'season' and 'locality' in conjunction with 'Winter', 'final harvest' and 'beloved dead' and watch in awe as the minds continue to trundle along in their well-worn grooves.

I believe that they're not really thinking at all. The lack of consciousness should, I suppose, be expected. People celebrate most holidays without considering what the hel they're doing, except spending money and 'having fun'.

Tell you what - on Easter, let's all dress up as crucified saviours, or better yet, as dying-and-resurrected gods. Let's decorate the office in fake blood and plastic Roman soldiers' swords. Let's party without raising our minds from their accustomed slumber, just as we always do.

Just as we always do.

Pic: That's Hubbard squash. And no, I'm not making it up - they painted the bloody thing yellow.