Monday, 16 March 2009

Gathering Speed

On the water slide descent of the year, now, and it's not just me who feels the acceleration.

Those of us who haven't learned, yet, to just let go, are showing signs of the fear of instability which always accompanies the Autumn Equinox.

The Overnight Live presenter who woke me up this morning, smugly declaring on air that he only believes in what he can see and hear, is perhaps typical of the underground stream running through humanity at this time.

I had to laugh at him, although I know well the place he's coming from.

Hey, radio voice - don't you know that you're putting yourself in a very untenable position with reference to the God Particle, Dark Matter and even the Big Bang? You can't see or hear them, either. And the equations which describe the theories upon which these speculations are based you would not comprehend, either. I'm assuming you're not scientifically literate, or you wouldn't be making such a daft statement.
But it's all to the instinctive clutching at some solid tree trunk as we sail down the Autumnal river. A daft position is still a position, and it feels safer than freefall.

And then there's always Jacob Zuma (somebody love him, for I find it hard).

Using the platform of the ever-popular Rhema Church yesterday to campaign for his party's bid for power later this year is ever so faintly disgusting.

What the article in the link doesn't tell you is how Zuma tried to instill fear of persecution into Christians in his address, using the old opposing forces of Church and State as his whip. The State and Church could well butt heads. I quote from his speech now:

We know that we cannot rule out occasional friction between the Church and the State, especially relating to policy development. Some laws considered to be progressive and necessary by politicians and administrators, would be viewed as problematic by the church.

This is a really good reason for Church to keep its nose out of State, and vice versa. Zuma's slimy move to ingratiate himself with the largest Christian church in the country speaks volumes as to this ANC's reluctance to actually separate the religious from the political. I suppose it's all Power, to some folk.

But it's a Power we cannot allow to perpetuate itself. Not this Autumn, nor the next. Political aspiration, with which this country is chock a block, tends to ride roughshod over the Earth.

Surprisingly, I'm going to vote on April 22nd - but certainly not for the ANC.
Viewing all the candidates as equally dismal, disinterested in anything other than their own gains, I hope only to take the majority edge off the current ruling party.

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  1. I would have expected it of Zuma to try get into a church, with his "jesus-complex" ... but find it utterly unforgivable that the platform was given to him.

    This is as bad as those who rob church people at gunpoint.

    peace and love (we try)