Tuesday, 17 March 2009

For the Dismembered

Deep Obeisance to Thorn this morning, for passing the Breath along.

Ana al-haqq said Sufi Al Hallaj.I Am the Truth.

With that "I" being a long exhalation, suffusing all that has a heartbeat, every pulse of living blood, each deep green resister pushing through the concrete; each molecule, every atom, and all subatomic particles.

The "Am" then becomes the inhalation which informs you of the Truth of who You are, bringing back into your temporarily individuated soul the knowledge we buried when we incarnated, which waits for rediscovery in each of us.

Thou Art Truth. I Am God.

Practise the breathing of this knowledge, today.

Pic: Beatrice Cenci


  1. :intoning: "Yuuuummmmm"

    Hallaj is quite the Teacher for us all.