Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Ataraxia Before Equinox

Note to Self and possibly others: when you find your third eye opening fully and powerfully, do not forget to shut it down again.

Ajna has been behaving like a two-year-old, grasping excitedly at all the new things it can see, whining for sweeties at the checkout counter, and generally being a brat.

But, oh, the joy! Sweeping people's auras as they pass in the street. Following the trails of glory festooning the swooping housemartins. Feeling the river of darkness nearing this land as prehibernation kicks in.

Last night my consciousness was scattered far and wide, seemingly knocking the scales off something older, something deeper, which has begun to creep across my soul this morning.

And lest anyone think I've been at the khat bush - well, my brain, and yours, is perfectly capable of making stuff which would make all the drug lords of Columbia hand in their hired guns.You just can't buy this stuff.

Releasing something in me, I take a dive into the future dark. Arms out, toppling backward without a muscle moving in my legs. Into the wide depth of a feather mattress waiting behind my back. Down and further down, the bird stuff envelops me, as a wash of black water runs across my stomach, gently urging backwards.

I am cradled and softly held in wonderousness. Wanting to range across Time and surrendering to that aspect of mySelf which I ofttimes call Hecate, Anubis.

A true letting go of all the surface senses, a backward plunging into the trustworthy embrace of this thing I really am.

Well yes - you certainly can't exchange money for this. Into the dark and feathery warmth with a sigh of mind's relief.

The Dark starting to claim its own, again.And I am not afraid. Not even a little bit.

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  1. Sincerest congratulations on your success, Aquila!I believe Life has an interesting journey ahead for you...