Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A Dream and a Dream Come True

Two nights ago I dreamt I was standing on the ground, looking up at a skyline which included Ben Nevis, on the right, a plateau (which looked suspiciously like another view of the Ben)
and a castle.

Trolling through the net for pictures of the land which half my DNA calls home, I came across this picture of Eilean Donan castle, in Tulloch, in the shadow of the Ben.

I was a little startled to see how similar the castle in my dreams was to this one -I have probably soaked up some imagery which is locked deep in my subconscious.
Anyway, as I watched the blue skyline, in my dream, I spotted a pied crow wheeling over the plateau.

I tried to point it out to my companions, but it seems that only I could see it-or perhaps only I attached any importance to it.

The crow then hilariously - as happens in dreams - stepped into a lift, and descended to below ground level, in a shaft well-lit and resembling a museum.

OK. I needed to post that here, as a further record to my dream diary.

The best news we've had recently, among all the power outages, the water scares and the depressing political moves,(and, I'll admit, some touching displays of humanity-go on, read that story, it'll boost your faith in people for a couple of seconds) is that of the SAPRA success in getting itself recognised as a religious body.
(Sorry, the official SAPRA site appears to be down still-that link goes to a Vuya! post).

My partner Warren, who is about as fierce an Atheist as I was a couple of years ago, finds this very funny. So do I really- I am now on the Board of Executives of a registered religious body. Oh well, there are worse things in life I suppose.

The point is that we can now delegate and submit Pagan Marriage Officers for examination at the tender hands of the Department of Home Affairs, and pretty soon we'll be able to conduct perfectly legal and complete Pagan weddings.

This is a great stride in Pagan Rights, and I'm proud to say that South Africa can still be pretty far ahead of the world when it comes to mutli-cultural actions.

Breaking News: Simba Makoni, an ex Finance Minister from Zimbabwe, has announced his intention to stand against Mugabe in the upcoming Zim elections.
This could be good news - cautiously, now.

The scent of myrrh surrounds me. I'm on a week's leave from work, as I get impossible to be around at this particular time of year.