Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Standing on the Edge

Here's a small selection of what people have been up to in my country in the last couple of days:
A gunman opens fire on a taxi rank,
A mother dumps her baby down a toilet,
A schoolboy stabs another to death with scissors,
A fifteen year old girl is raped and murdered and
An armed gang guns down patrons at a restaurant.

These days, I'm increasingly bewildered as to what to make of us.

Here we are, standing on the edge, growing noticeably more insane with every passing day.

I'm a programmer by profession and a data analyst by inclination, and I'm looking at all this and wondering what on earth to make of it. I would love to be able to take this data, pass it through my organic computer and come up with some answers to the 'why?' and 'where to now?' type of questions which flood my consciousness.

What are we becoming?

When I disengage my overly-analytical brain I can sense the shape of the answers, but I cannot put them into words. I cannot express this feeling that we're in a truly liminal state, about to step over the cliff, about to become something other entirely.

Whether this will be good or bad I cannot express, either-just that the change is coming, is here, almost, and that we are particularly privileged to be alive now to witness it.

The bees are dying, people, the polar caps are melting.

The oil is running out, mense, and the atmosphere is being poisoned.

The animals are disappearing, my kin,and the soil has been impoverished.

The Mother will not take much more of us, brothers and sisters, and we carry right on lusting after that new Hummer, striving for the million rand prison cell in the complex in the suburbs, vying for the latest crippling mobile phone to wave in the air so we can withdraw into our own cyber bubbles, there to waste our minds and cripple our brains, talking to a tiny piece of metal and plastic as we ignore the here and now all around us.

I really don't know what's coming, and I know I'm God.

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