Saturday, 23 August 2008

Mythology Synchroblog 4: More Worlds Than These

Mahud brings us all together again in Mythology Synchroblog 4: On Otherworlds


Those are the Welsh names for the realms of the underworld, middleworld and upperworld respectively.
We are taught that we start at Annwyn, travail through Abred and obtain Gwynfyd at last. Except that, through experience, I don't see it quite like that.

I think there's much more to it, but for a start, these three worlds will do.

My ego identity resides in Abred. It suffers, wails and travails. It also dances, sings and is transported by feeling of pure bliss. I love it here.

But for perspective I've spent some time in Annwyn, and a lot of that recently, arguing with the fragments of my shadow to return to me.

Spirit guides leading me, flanking me and perching on my shoulder, I'm fairly comfortable in the netherworld. There's a lot there to frighten my ego identity however, and this mostly manifests in nightmares of drinking, of losing a loved one and of being lost in a huge city.

Gwynfyd is where I'm building my spiritual sanctuary.
All black night, hard bright stars and pink billowing clouds, this realm is not inhabited by the issues of the middle world I meet in Annwyn. Rather, a huge, majestic presence seems to brood over it all, welcoming, offering rest and aid when the magical tasks I take on are larger than just myself.I offer namaste to this presence and start to create my magic. Up here is a good place from which to hurl healing or deal justice.

But as I said when I came in, I think there's a lot more to Otherworlds than just these three.

Fairies, big black dogs, ghosts and aliens seem to come from, and disappear into, another reality to Abred- and I don't think it's Annwyn or Gwynfyd either.

It's almost a given that we live and have our middle-world-being in a 3 dimensional reality - when all the mathematical and physical signs point to four, eleven or an infinite 'number' of them.
The outstanding question of course, is : how do we have even limited experience of these other dimensions? I refer you to Mr A Square of Flatland, folks. He doesn't believe in depth, either.
But he can see something odd, as a three-D object traverses his 2-D reality. He can't explain it, and he wouldn't tell anyone else about it, for fear of being howled out of town by the equivalent of the James Randi Challenge.
So he keeps his experiences mostly to himself, until he happens upon some other Squares who've had their own anomalous experiences, some of them just like his, some a little different,as you'd expect from a Multiverse full of extra-dimensional objects and beings, some of which may stumble upon Flatland sometimes.

And on a few rare occasions, Mr Square sees things before they happen in Flatland,or talks with other beings in his flativerse which he knows for a fact don't speak, or has a huge overwhelming feeling of there being something more then these two trusty dimensions he's been bred into.

He can't prove it, but he knows it, just the same.

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Pic: Our friend Cernunnos, God or archetypal Celtic Shaman - who always looks to me like he's journeying to Other Worlds.


  1. Hi Terri. I've nominated you and your blog for an award. For details, cruise on over to my blog Magic in These Hills.

  2. I found your experiences in the middle, lower and upper levels interesting.

    Although I'm not working with a Shamanistic cosmology (excepting the middleworld, that is), rather, mine is based on the cycle of the moon, which does have it's correspondences. The waxing moon leading me up to the light of starry night to the full moon (Which I think works well as symbol of fully manifest existence in the material realm and its spiritual dimension. And then descending as the moon wanes and disappears into darkness (which for me is a time of deep meditation (within the dark womb of the cosmic mother) where the transcendent essence of the divine pours fourth, to be cosmically re-manifested in the first visible crescent, and so on.

    My notion of reincarnation is connected with the idea of passing over into (possibly limitless) realities/worlds.

  3. That's similar to the way I use the moon,too, Mahud.

    I also do work in the outside middle world during waxing, and turn my sight and efforts inward in the waning.

    Over the years, it's become so I can know what phase the moon is in just by the balance between my own exterior/interior balance.

    Terri in Joburg

    PS Livia - I've been a bit short on time this week, I promise to get back to the award very soon!

  4. We love your blog!

    You have been nominated for the "I love your blog" award by MetaPagan.

    Ooh, I must put up my mythology synchroblog!

  5. My synchroblog contribution is up: Journeying to Otherworlds (I thought we were supposed to post on 1st September).

  6. Interesting, I like the fact that you really incorporate a definite method and structure, a path in your studies. Sometimes people are too eclectic.

  7. Cat,
    Thanks so much!

    Irish Jinn,
    Yes- I choose to identify most closely with my Welsh quarter, rather than my Scots half or German quarter, which is interesting in itself.
    And thenthere's the fact that I live in Africa and am pretty bound to the land here. The combination makes for some uniqueness.

    Terri in Joburg

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