Thursday, 17 January 2019

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

There are reports of a visible fireball being seen from the Cape yesterday.

Unlike the one I saw from Sandton in July last year, this one was sighted after 8pm - that's well after sunset - and was seen (and heard, apparently) by multiple witnesses.

I seem to have been the only person in Johannesburg to both see the mid-morning meteor entering the Earth's atmosphere on 12th July and report it to the Shallow Sky Survey although there were 2 more reports from outside Johannesburg of the object. That's enough for Tim Cooper to have triangulated a probable path for the incoming piece of space rock though:

So this morning I was wondering why the folks in the Cape are apparently more observant of their surroundings - including the sky - than the denizens of Sandton.

Yes, the Cape sighting was after sunset, and thus more noticeable. There was also some associated sound with that fireball which I didn't pick up on in the Sandton sighting. Although, you know, I'm getting along in age and my hearing is certainly not up to snuff.

But then I remembered this song from my youth:

Note that this is a song that I grew up liking and which has stayed in my mind for over 40 years.
That's the way I get most of my earworms - songs I know, some of which are on my portable way-back machine of a music playlist on my phone.

Yet on Sunday I woke up with the strangest earworm.

The song was Thoroughly Modern Millie.

I had no idea how that one had gotten stuck in my brain. But I let it go on for a while, play itself out and depart, as all earworms are destined to do.

However, I admit to being fairly surprised to learn on Tuesday that Carol Channing had just died.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Snippets From Dreams

"I'm glad somebody brought back the old curtains"

That was a character in last night's dream commenting on the improvement of a house I had recently moved into. Apparently I had restored some of its old credibility, unlike the previous owners, who had wrecked the place.

This dream, though, was noteable not for house restoration (which is a dream topic all on its own) but for the neon-pink-and-blue gel which glopped and glupped out of my head when I scratched a raised mark in the shape of a rat which had appeared on the side of my neck and was bothering me.

I remember feeling a sense of great relief as this toxic substance literally fell out of my head, leaving me clearer and cleaner.

Possible origins: mosquito in the bedroom, rat in the roofspace.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Immanence Of The Transcendent

I'm fortunate to have experiences of transendence from time to time in this life; flashes of the pure brilliant limitlessness which speaks to me in a tongue no human can quite master, although a few souls have tried. And I comprehend some of what they are saying. Sometimes.

For me, it does no good to try to parse the welling joy of watching the birds in flight (who know god is not dead) or the realms of serenity when contemplating the clouds. It is just a moment of languagelessness, and I can live with that.

And yet this sense is also, frequently, truly immanent in that it arises from the proximity awareness of  an earthly being - a cloud, a sky, a flock of birds, a constellation, the smile on the face of another human, a rolling in the sand of a canine friend - and so I perceive that this above-and-beyond is completely triggered by place or being.

An Immanance of Transcendence, if you will.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that frequently - far too often to be chance - when I am connected in my soul to the Love which is holding this all together, I have an odd memory-flash at the same time.

It is at Windsor Castle. In the room which holds the exquisite Dollshouse of Queen Mary. And I am about 10 years old, walking around and around it while the sun plays in from outside the room.
I am captivated by the fine detail in the dollshouse, containing scale replicas of some of the rooms in Windsor Castle itself.

It's quite something to see and I can understand why that one visit has stuck in my memory.
But what I can't quite get is why that situation, that image, comes up so frequently when I am transported by the connection to the Web of all Life.

..Or is there something there, just beyond my understanding?

A replica at 1/12th scale of life....hmmm...

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, "Dr" Gerald Brosseau Gardner. You would have been 134 years old.

Whatever your faults - as many as those of the rest of us, I guess - you still functioned as the catalyst around which the NeoPagan religion of Wicca crystallised, and for that I am very grateful.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Smell of Strawberries

Whether the Glaroon Slipped Up, or not, is probably highly hypothetical.

I mean, here it is - this life, these moments, these thoughts - and does it truly make a difference if it's stage-managed or not?

Not really, since the stage-manager, the Glaroon, the "they" who would presumably be handling it all are just another aspect of myself.

So have a laugh, have a bit of a marvel if you will and pass right along.

This morning I smelled strawberries on the bus.

Correction - I smelled an aroma which is what perfumiers like to think of as "strawberry".

There were only 3 other people on the bus: the driver, a middle-aged Indian woman and a youngish Black guy. I was sitting furthest back in the bus as is my wont, and I assumed that one of the other people on the bus had opened something with that strawberry smell; some tobacco, a packet of sweets or a cold drink. Except that eating and drinking is entirely forbidden on the Gautrain Bus, and no-body was doing any of that.
It's just possible that the smell came into the bus from the outside. Right this moment I feel that's the most likely answer, as I sniffed the same smell again 10 minutes later as I was walking down West Street.

It's also possible that my brain is Having a Moment and generating phantom smells. But I doubt that.That particular nasal shade of strawberry is a very human-manufactured one, after all.

My money is on a rogue vaporiser factory somewhere in the Sandton area.

There's always the paranormal explanation, of course...but let me not go there today.
Maybe Tomorrow.