Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Coming Into Focus

Well, I've successfully de-Googled and de-Twittered myself.
I hope.

My blog and much of my online identity was heavily snarled up with Google, so it took a little time to sort out, but it's done now.

I'm retaining this blog and all of 2 friends on Facebook - my son and my partner. All other "friends", all pages, all groups - unlinked.

The thing is not so much the hysterical shouting about the NSA and how the governments of the world are spying on us - much of that is true, but it's the risk you take being online - it's more that I really need to get back to a place where the real world is primary, and my attention is not so much in danger of fragmenting into a thousand billion ineffective pieces.

So now, while I wait for the stodgy network at work to process my code, or sit in traffic, I'll be engaging with the world on the ground, so to speak.And getting back some of that awesome power to really concentrate on remembering who I am, as well as making sense of the superficially nonsensical.

So I haven't gone away. I'm actually stood on the real Earth again, looking around me in, initially, slight bewilderment.

Observing incarnation coming into focus once more.

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