Saturday, 25 May 2013


It must have been sometime in Summer. The year-end exams were over and the light was deep and warm on the corner of Jan Smuts and Empire Road.

The Nuclear Physics Research Institute stood behind you two, as I brought the canary yellow Yamaha 400 Enduro to a halt by the pavement on which you were walking.

I don't remember, now, where I was coming from or wither I was bound, that afternoon in 1979. Yet there we met up, the three of us, for what was probably one of the last times in any of our lives.

The little, rounded, snub-nosed blond woman feigned terror of me as she hid behind the lanky, bushy-bearded Physics student she was out walking with.I must have laughed as I removed my yellow helmet - you both always managed to coax a lot of mirth from me.

I forget now what we were talking of. The sun, the Nuclear Physics Institute, the bike, the two of you: it was a Nexus in time and in space, burned into my immortal memory for all the spirals of duration.

Shortly, we went our separate ways. Me, to pursue a life of horrendous dissipation which would eventually end in my death, dismemberment and reforming. You two to - where?

The Nexus stands like a frozen wave now in my mind, reminding me of how the dance draws us together, pulls us apart, spins us off into Eternity with just the sharp-limned memory of a boiling place in time as testament to the meeting and parting of 3 different paths.