Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Machine In Action

I sometimes wonder why I even open up the page at News 24.
The standard of original journalism - when it occurs at all - is low, sometimes only being beaten in the godsawful stakes by the comments section.

But seriously, people - what have we come to?
Over 34000 applicants for 90 trainee posts at the Traffic Department.

Of those, over 15000 got through to the next qualifying round - where 6 died of heat and exhaustion and one committed suicide following a physical fitness test.

I speak from experience when I say that being penniless, homeless, and hungry messes with your mind all right.

When you're in such a place, the need for survival is the over riding one. And you don’t really stop to think how you could be doing anything differently - you just play by the rules embedded in the culture.

Get a job. Earn some money. Buy the food/shelter/happiness you are being denied.

But there's something very, very screwed up with that when thousands apply for the most menial of jobs - and some of them die trying for that golden ring, which in the end doesn't even deliver on its nebulous promise.

There's a whole lot wrong when we don't even question how this system came to be the life-destroying, soul-shredding monster that it is.

The machinery of Wetiko culture, stomping, chewing up and spitting out the species which brought it into existence.

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