Thursday, 20 December 2012

From The Centre

Speak from the Centre and always truly from the Centre.
Say that which is un-sayable in the words of men, say it as you speak from the centre of your being.

You'll know when this happens, for - not leaning left or right, not tending forward or back nor above or below - your essence will radiate from the point where it lies concentrated in the meat body.

Of course, speaking from the centre involves getting there first and recognising where you are.
It's a place and an experience which I cannot in all truth English on this blog. But that's OK.
For I am neither teacher nor bodhisattva to guide others to their core.

What I am is a reporter, in common with thousands of souls both like and unlike me.

And the view from the centre, while it can be reported on, cannot be described in any way that would make any...err...sense.

So I would urge us all to seek this place out. And sit awhile, with folded hands and quiet heart, if only to be able to say I've been there.