Sunday, 4 November 2012


My dreams are quite frequently of houses, and I know that the house in my dreams represents to me my soul.

I also frequently dream of cities. Being a small child growing up on a university campus, and since that time never having lived far from a large town or a city, I know also that the cityscape is the dream representation of my soul's environs.

Concrete, underground parking lots, asphalt streets with traffic on them, tall rows of apartment buildings, neon lit stores and gathering places: this is the geography in which my soul lies. Always, naturally, represented at night.

So I was quite pleased the other night when my dream city appeared....better. More sleek, cleaner, full of black-glass-coated skyscrapers, with me riding around in a very plush, black, tinted-window SUV.

Unfortunately for the cityscape, it was there that I died,too.

I was vaccinated by a cleaner of lavatories, and died in the lobby of one of the skyscrapers.

As instructive as this part of the journey has been, I suspect that this is the last I will see of The City in this form. Nor am I too sad to be moving on.