Thursday, 1 November 2012

Notes From The Numinous

I feel I must add this category to the blog, Notes From The Numinous, as I do have these moments of clarity in which things that should have been bloody obvious suddenly become...bloody obvious.

I'm a slow learner, what can I say? The Numinous referred to is not, therefore, me.
It's probably Me, but not me at all.

This morning I have realised that the Civilisation which Derrick Jensen (now that's what a good man looks like) refers to and the Control System which Neil Kramer (and that's what another good man looks like) references are...the same thing.

It's not a person, or a group of people. It's far bigger than us and it has the so-called elite in its grasp just as firmly as it has anyone else. It's not even, strictly speaking, human at all.

We all experience this thing, but few find words to articulate it.

However, I do believe that, bigger than all of us as it is, it is not mightier than our combined will.
Or even the Will of one single, solitary, Being.