Thursday, 29 November 2012

Coleus And Cosatu

A thin but very dense cloud came and sat over us just as the invisible lunar eclipse started. It looked as if we were sitting under a grey mushroom which dropped a little hail, rumbled a bit of thunder, and discharged lightning along its interior.
Then it was gone as if it had never been. The eclipse was over, and I was visited by another plant in my dreams.

Allow me to introduce Coleus - whose scientific taxonomy actually reads Solenestemon, but we've been calling it Coleus for so long that the name has stuck, for humans.

The meeting was in a garden courtyard, full of rain and luxuriant vegetation, which I was looking at through a glass door. There were wooden chairs among the plants - indicating humans of a low level of technology. A rocking chair with a broken left arm was sitting not far from a patch of Coleus, and a voice said to me: "Don't worry, we can fix this."

There were people being killed and re-appearing from parallel dimensions, too.

Coleus - to my surprise,although maybe it shouldn't be - is considered psychoactive., but unresearched in the entheogen department. While I have no intention of taking it for this purpose, still it remains a fact that psychoactive plants are invariably beneficial to humankind in other healing ways.

And now, with a psychedelic change of subject,a word from COSATU:

In the wake of a High Court hearing on eTolls at which the defence advocate descended into threats against both the judge and the prosecuting advocate(however smarmily disguised), the Congress have decided they're going to mobilise against the government decision to ram the privatisation of the freeways down our throats.

Tomorrow the protest marches begin. Gather at Mary Fitzgerald Square at 9am.
Next week Thursday the people intend to occupy the highways. There may well be violence.

I leave it to your individual consciences whether or not to join in. But I will say this: it's about bloody time we all started to take action.

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