Thursday, 2 August 2012


I hope that some of you, at least, enjoyed that last little musical interlude. Since I uploaded it at work, and my job requires neither sound card nor flash player, I couldn't listen to it until I was in the car, going home, when I streamed it on my phone.

Although the vocalist certainly isn't Gayle Moran, the Norwegian band makes a credible attempt at one of Chick Corea's masterworks. In my opinion.

Warren, who complained the whole 9 minutes, doesn't think so. But that's just one of the ways he and I are at right angles to each other - he can't understand jazz, and I can't tolerate some of the more excessive death metal he favours. But it does take a certain brain format to actively enjoy jazz at the Chick Corea level, I'll admit.

It helps to begin this formatting at an early age, and then to just keep listening to jazz, in stages of increasing complexity, until you get it, and Falling Alice becomes an epic, soaring, transcendent experience.

Reading Neil Kramer's latest work TheUnfoldment is also a transcendent experience. I'm about halfway through the book and savouring every moment. Kramer causes me to laugh, to think, and to nod my head vigorously - not an easy task for an author.

This morning, I was reading his exposition of the venerable brain-as-receiver paradigm. Kramer uses a radio as a better analogy than a television.The Field, due to its inherent nature, broadcasts on many frequencies in many dimensions.

Many of us can hear the signal only as a static-overridden, blurry mumble in the background. I know that's true for me most of the time. But we can learn to rework our ego filters - which serve to protect us, most of the time, from being overwhelmed - in order to actually hear some of the programs broadcast on the field radio. All is transmitted, but not all is coherently received.

We can rewire our brains to hear some of the signals by, for example, practising meditation on a regular basis, or learning lucid dreaming, or teaching ourselves trance techniques. I'll happily admit to being an absolute beginner at most of this - I'm hardly a psychic medium or professional intuitive - but it gives me answers to some of my questions. Like why I can pick updistant happenings which apparently don't have anything to do with me.
Except, of course, that everything has to do with me. And you.

Pausing my reading, I got out of bed, crossed to the ancient clock radio alarm and touched the tuning dial. Instantly, it seemed,Classic FM sprang into being. Except that of course it had been there all along. I just had to tune in to the signal clearly.

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  1. I'd like to leave a better comment, because this is something that I have been thinking about too lately, but I can't think of anything to say except just "Yes!".

    Thanks for this.