Sunday, 5 August 2012

Just Like Us?

Of all the many separate characters which make up each one of us, one of the most instantly recognizable archetypes is The Warrior.

I know that it's the character who comes screaming to the front of the bus most often in myself - wanting to take over the driving, doubting the ability of either the composite-self or the ego-self to deal adequately with many stressful situations.
It means that I have gained a reputation - mostly among people who don't know me very well, which, when it comes down to brass tacks, is almost everyone - for having a short temper and becoming fairly scary when I'm provoked.

I'll admit that my Warrior lacks rigorous discipline, much of the time. That she is driven by a passion for righting wrongs - especially those done to the under privileged and the dis-empowered - is barely an excuse for the towering rages I can fly into, often in defense of someone else. She needs more meditation time, I think. Passionate defense of the underdog is fantastic, but it must often be tempered with serenity; the kind which comes over you when you realise that we are all, after all, only God playing Human.

So my inner Robin Hood takes great exception to the Police Force, the Army and the private security militia prevalent in most countries across the world today. She is even tempted to call them "pigs" and dream of throwing bombs into their midst. Yet - apart from the occasional slip of the p-word, she is largely passive in the face of the social authorities, while remaining loudly obnoxious towards those forms of fascism found largely in the workplace. My workplace, even. Well, I guess we all have to apply action somewhere. And that somewhere should be the place we can potentially have the most impact.

Now, having a large television set in my house (long story short: Warren wanted to watch the horse racing in widescreen LED format, so he bought one) does have its uses as a way to monitor which myth we are being asked to swallow now. Currently, one of the most ubiquitous TV memes is the Courageous Cop meme. Just check out how many shows are directly about law enforcement personnel. It's enough to make you suspect that the over culture wants us to love these knots of disturbing power-wielding thugs by portraying them as humans, just like us....isn't it?