Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Acknowledging Ownership

As much as I dislike the idea that humans must "control" and "manage" their environments - this being a distinguishing mark of the Wetiko culture we all live in - I have found that a certain amount of regency over one's own life is,well, desireable.

The night before last I dreamt, as I have before, of a yellow motorcycle whicih was my means of transport.
This seems to be my imagery for control over my self - or rather, over the 3D projection of my Self which lives and breathes on this plane. So, I dreamt of riding the yellow motorcycle (hey, it's an Enduro machine with a fairly large engine, don't knock it) and that I was also wearing a yellow helmet.
That last detail was true in "real" life also - I wore a yellow full face helmet for most of my motorcycling life.

Now, when I dream of travelling about in cars, I'm never the one driving the machine.
This is largely because, in real life, I do not drive a car. I never have - no car driver's licence.
The car I am presently transported around in is, technically, "mine", in that I bought it, but it is Warren who occupies the driver's seat.

So I was rather surprised to dream, last night, that I climbed into the car which I "own" but do not own, and started to drive it.
At first, I was a little fearful. All these pedals and levers and stuff! How would I ever manage? I was likely to crash the damned thing into the nearest kerb.
When riding a bike, one's body has a great influence on the control of the machine. After many years of riding it becomes like an extension of your flesh. I'm not so sure that this is true of driving a car, but I might be wrong.

Anyway, in this dream I quickly became more confident of my ability to drive the car. I realised that I had known all along how to do this, but had just never tried. Driving the car was soon as simple and smooth as riding a bike.

I guess I need to look at things I "own" but do not own in my life. it could be that I have always owned these things, but never acknowledged that ownership. ..On reflection, I'm starting to tie last night's dream in with the activity I undertook earlier that evening.

I was death-walking a colleague's beloved feline companion of 20 years, so I invoked my Shadow Totem - a black panther - to aid me.

The invocation was powerful indeed, and seems to have had fallout in my immediate environment.

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