Sunday, 17 June 2012

Caught in the act

Here's footage of the children we caught throwing stones at Scylla and Taranis last Sunday.
Edit: I also want to point something  out. The dogs start barking even before the two boys come past the gate. Knowing my canine friends, they must have been hurling stones at them on at least one previous occasion.


  1. Hope your canine loved ones were not injured.

  2. As a Scylla myself... why, I feel a sudden urge to hex some children. :B

  3. Misko and Scylla - they're fine. I got to the gate myself a few seconds after the end of that clip. You should have seen the speed with which the boys ran away.
    However, this kind of behaviour - as I've pointed out on our community policing forum - puts other children in peril.

    Terri, Scylla and Taranis in Joburg