Monday, 4 June 2012

Before That Day Arrives

This Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon has been, up to now, a royal pain in the head.

Perhaps it has something to do with this opposition taking place along the axis of my Eighth House (Gemini), or the fact that Venus will shortly be transiting the Sun in retrograde, or perhaps I just woke up grumpy.

Reading stories of super worms (and wouldn't I just have loved to have had a hand in the coding!) and cops beating up civilians again  hasn't helped, I'll admit.And then there's the wonderful news from Turkey, involving yet another attempt to treat women as mammalian aquaria. I almost gave up on the human race right there, at half past ten of a Monday morning.

But then something else caught my eye. And I was really, really prepared to cut my losses and disown humanity in its entirety.
This picture is 40 years old. I remember it when it was young. It certainly hasn't got any prettier with time. I remember, around the same era, seeing photos in my parents' Sunday magazine of a family being executed in that same godsawful war. The parents of a young girl were trying to shield her from the gunmen...she was terrified, and well she might be. For the next photo showed her lying dead, a neat bullet wound in her forehead.

How have we come to this? Women and children slaughtered by the thousands, and the tens of thousands, in wars fought by patriarchal powers for no very good reason. The act of war as humans have come to interpret it has itself become a multiple horror. What, I was screaming in my head, what have these women, these children, these terrified bystanders ever done to you?

And there returned no answer, and no answer, and only a welling horror of grief and anger. That human beings - so full of potential, so full of the ability to craft gorgeous music and soaring literature and the ability to interrogate the very structure of the Universe - that these same beings could be so filled with evil, self-serving, blinded and concussed evil.

It has broken open my heart many times. Each time, I swear I want nothing further to do with humanity. But  a little time, I know, and all the good, and all the Love, and all the realised emanations of deity assert themselves once more. And I know that we can bring forth the consciousness of pan-universal godhead, eventually. But what a horrific road we have chosen to tread, before that day arrives.

Pic: Tampa Bay