Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Change of Helping Spirits

Christina always has something interesting to say.
Last week, her podcast on the Shaman Sickness contained much good sense, as usual.

..I might add here that Christina was also the recipient of a Western Scientific education, which she uses as another lens through which to view the world, but she doesn't rely on it exclusively.Which is a lesson I fear the simplistic materialists could learn. But I digress..

The subject of ones initiatory helping spirit is a fascinating one to me, especially now as I seem to be in helping spirit transition.

To be a bit clearer, I have considered the Pied Crow to be my primary helping spirit for some years now, with the Panther as Shadow helper. Before that time, I was connected to Eagle.This appears to be changing again, with the advent of Owl into my personal space last weekend.

On Sunday I took a half hour's meditation, and when I came back to this space, Owl was perched on the roof just above my altar. Now, when I try to visualise my upper level helping spirit, the form of Owl is what I get. Those huge yellow eyes..

Ah, but the more things change, the more I'm in ecstasy. Interesting that my primary upper totem is now transitioning into a nocturnal bird. I can see the paralells with a new phase of my shamanic apprenticeship: one which flows deeper into the cthonic consciousness which springs directly from the Field. I hope that I have the courage to mantain.

Pic: I actually found it here, although I doubt that it originates there.