Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Birdy Fight Blogging

Bird fights are sometimes interesting.

Sparrows, for example, seem most inclined to squabble with others of their own species: maybe under the principle that whoever is competing with you for the exact same resources is your biggest threat. The Sparrows seem to believe that, anyway.

On the other hand, I've seen evidence recently of intense animosity between two bird species who do not, on the face of it, inhabit exactly the same ecological niche.

This morning I left a bit of bread and cheese out for the Osiris birds.
First to arrive were a few Indian Mynahs, including my friend who ruffs up his head feathers and sings at me whenever he sees me:

When they had had a fair crack at the treats, I shooed them away to allow the Sparrows some food.
All of a sudden, out of a silent sky, here comes a Wagtail; tiny, delicate bird with a huge voice. Two of them are nesting in the courtyard this year, but they seem to be almost exclusively insectivorous and not interested in breadcrumbs. This little warrior dove straight at a retreating Mynah, knocking him sideways. Her partner showed up and hovered in midair near the balcony, flapping the Mynahs away from the food.

What could I do but applaud such audacious bravado?
And then fall over laughing, of course.