Sunday, 4 September 2011

Taranis Presents His Garden

My name is Taranis - yes, the Celtic God of Thunder stole mine.
I'd like to take you on a quick tour of my garden, now that Spring has finally gotten underway. From the comfort of my rug, of course.

The lemons have been growing all Winter, but I think they look better against the blue of the Spring sky. Not that I like lemons of course.
The Winter Jasmine smells really strong, and sweet. Like the honey I'm not supposed to eat, but which I can coax out of Mum by sitting and drooling at her.

Here's the Clivia - the ones I didn't dig out of the ground have made a great show, don't you think?

Some more of the Jasmine, this lot on the East side, twining among the Parasol Plant.

..and finally,more Jasmine, part of a giangantic Cycad, and the bare boughs of the Monkey Thorn, in which the Weavers are busy making their nests, as they do every year.
Now, we're just waiting for the Lily bulbs which Dad divided and replanted to settle in and start flowering. Otherwise, I'm going to dig up some more of them,and blame it on Scylla.