Friday, 2 September 2011

Mighty Lady of My Heart

I should really be getting to bed.
But the crescent moon has been calling and I've been making my obeisance, in earnest and with a full heart of  Love, to Hecate's bright symbol for the first time in a couple of years.

Today we went to Pretoria, taking two of our witnesses with us, to the High Court.
It was fun.
We have four expert witnesses, three "ordinary" witnesses, and a financier who is not herself a plaintiff, on paper.

The other side is nearly wetting itself. They moved to have an amendment made at the very last minute-they want to change their plea to "self defense", thereby throwing their employee to the wolves and leaving him adrift in the tides of the law. Needless to say, back at the House of Ethics (that's me!) we are taking a very dim and somewhat sneering view of this show of rank cowardice, venality and lack of responsibility.
It all means that we have to take another court date -probably in 6 months to a year - and come back and do it again.
I almost laughed aloud when I heard the change of defense plea. This was one stupid move on their part. And what, you are asking, was their original defense? Hah - they didn't have one.
That's right, they didn't have one.

I can't go into detail, but I can say that this defence is easy enough to knock over with a bloody feather.

So, we're weary, emotionally exhausted, and winding down. I think it may all end much sooner than the return court date, and so do many of the participants. Charybdys, Chippy and Bart - you have indeed won, my beloved friends. And I thank you all - all over the world - for your support, good wishes and messages of encouragement. You really have made a difference.

And now, I feel the Wheel turning so strongly; turning my soul and my Being back to a place it once stood in, not so long ago. For by means only a mystic would not laugh at, my Matron Goddess and strong protector has called me back into Her service. Today, I am once more a Priestess of Hecate.

May Her name call forth Resonance on high and from the depths,mighty Lady of my heart.

Photo: by Wade Clark