Wednesday, 28 September 2011


The main stream media is, as most of us know, willfully blind, complacent and thus complicit in this murderous over-culture. In addition to this, Radio 702's news arm," Eye Witness News", is something of a joke concerning journalistic standards: their English is frequently appalling and their reporting often carries the air of having been made up on the spot without much thought for cohesion.

It was therefore with great pride that I witnessed my blog-friend and fellow-traveller, Mark Esterhuysen , let loose with a stream of invective against the industrial-capitalist killing machine.(Warning - NSFW language).

As a lowly programmer without many opportunities to strike back at the entity which is holding a loaded gun to all life on this planet, I applaud Mark wildly for using his position as graveyard news anchor to articulate his feelings.

Becoming aware of the inherent insanity of this culture has much in common with becoming an Atheist: once you start to reason things out for yourself, and see how the adults you trusted have been willfully or complacently filling you with crap for years, why, you become very angry indeed.

If I was short-talking this, I'd say he has more balls than I ever had. In reality, his courage, integrity and willingness to put his career on the line for his truth are an amazing testimony to his wholeness and lack of willingness to compromise with what is more and more plainly revealed to be a sick, insane civilisation.

Mark called it as he saw it, and was fired for it.
I couldn't be prouder of him. Respect, my man.